Bremen UMC

Sunday Service
Our Sunday service begins at 10AM on Sundays. We use the traditional Methodist hymnal for music, liturgy and prayer. Sermons are preached to
articulate a message of love for God and our neighbors, in ways that are theologically grounded and socially relevant.

Frauenfrühstück women’s breakfast
Once a month on Friday at 10AM, we offer breakfast and time of fellowship for women, mostly for those who are not members of the church.

Café Tiramisu
Every Friday from 3-6PM our church hosts Café Tiramisu, where people from the community can come and enjoy fellowship over coffee and cake. We also offer German language classes for Refugees and Migrants.

Job coaching for migrants
Renate Sonnenberg,
Telefon 0421 – 242 899 27

Indoor Outdoor
Once a month, we take a large group of people from the community to various places like the zoo, or the ice-skating rink as a way to connect outside of the church.

German for mothers with child care
Every Tuesday from 2-4PM, we offer German classes for mothers with small children. Child care is simultaneously offered so that mothers can focus on their German learning.

Offener Gesprächskreis: Open Discussion circle God in our world Every Tuesday from 10AM, a group meets in the church to discuss relevant topics within our culture and society, while engaging with the question of “How are we to look at this topic as Christians?”.

Cooperation with Freiwilligenagentur/fsd Bremen, volunteer agency Jugendfreiwilligendienste
We have partnered up with Freiwilligenagentur/fsd Bremen, a volunteer agency that seeks to inspire young people in Germany to become interested in the area of social work. We have participated in various social events that connected refugees and migrants to young people who are locals to Bremen.

Ecumenical contacts (ACK, Linie 4, Altkatholiken in der Erlöserkirche)

We share the church building with the Altkatholiken church which offers service on Sundays at 5PM. We also have hosted services that featured a variety of different denominations from the Christian faith. Having strong ecumenical connections is a strong value we hold on to.

3 times of Month, on Sundays from 10AM, YOLO meets in the clubraum upstairs of the aristotoles building. With games, small group discussions, and genuine fellowship, YOLO aspires to be a place for young people to bring their questions about faith, and grow spiritually. For questions contact

Offener Seniorenkreis: circle of elderly people
Once a month on Wednesdays from 3 PM, a group of elderly people gather and
enjoy coffee, fellowship, and activities.

Tag der Gemeinschaft
First thursday of the month at 12 PM, a group of elderly people gather for lunch,
then coffee and cake at 230 PM

GMF Program and Introduction of Yoshi

Hello, my name is Yoshiya Kuramoto and I am the new GMF that has been placed here in Bremen. The GMF program is a 2-year mission program offered to young people between the ages of 20-30 from all over the world. I was drawn to this program for its particular emphasis on engaging with issues regarding social justice. I have already learned a lot from working alongside the community here in Bremen. I am also grateful for this opportunity of being a witness, that I am able to widen my perspective on how God is at work in this world.

Reflection on Alpha course
From November 2018-February 2019, we had the privilege of offering alpha course, a course on faith, theology, and the church in English and Farsi. The course touched on a variety of topics ranging from question like Why did Jesus die? to more practical questions of Why and How Should I Tell Others?.  It was interesting to see the dynamics of the two groups which consisted of one group with few English speakers from different countries and another group with many Farsi speakers primarily from Iran. Each person carries a different perspective because they come from different backgrounds and experiences, so it was important for that to be acknowledged for the conversations to be fruitful and refreshing. Some days we had to discuss topics that were more difficult and complex, so we had to accept the “I don’t know” answers and sitting in the grey mystery area.  All this beings said, it was a wonderful opportunity for fellowship and community growth and I believe there was a lot that came out of these past few months.